JMM takes up projects of all sorts and executes it in a professional manner to its core

Civil and Commercial Construction works for the Prestigious Private & Public Sectors in all parts of South India.

Works include Industrial buildings, Commercial Complexes and Residential Apartments and houses.

The Modeling Perspectives that are guiding us on the road to success are:-

  Timely Completion   Personalised Service
  Efficient Management   Professional execution within assigned budget
  Quick resourcing of quality materials   Perfect Co-ordination with Client
  Monitoring the Projects to the core.   Professionalised approach

From the moment JMM signs on a project, till its completion and delivery, established best practices, commitment, dedication and passion are brought into play. The goal is to build while preserving the natural environment, through design, construction, salvaging and recycling.

JMM was founded on the philosophy that the personal involvement of the owners is the best way to ensure your satisfaction. We personally oversee the details, from planning to groundbreaking to the final inspection. Frequent and regular communication, both on and off the jobsite, ensures a steady flow of information and gives you the personal attention we believe you deserve.
JMM has successfully executed projects on Scheduled time, stipulated budget and of specified quality and standards. The greatest asset of the Construction and development organization like this is its management and technical team.

Current Projects